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Tralfrealism all over the world
Tralfrealism all over the world
Dear visitor!

This page contains some of post cards which were mailed to Ukraine from all over the world for founders of tralfrealism. They friends and followers of tralfrealism, or even unknown sympathizers from many countries send them greetings and best wishes to express their respect, say kind words, or simply to salute the artists across the ocean.

If you find that tralfrealism meets some moves in your soul, or you like our pictures, or even for no particular reason, you can join this tradition and send a post card to one of us. Mail addresses you can see on the underside of the cards presented here.

We hope tralfrealistic painting has awoken your interest.
We are waiting for your postal card!

Best wishes to you and all of your friends!
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The place for your post card!
The place for your post card! 
Your image is welcome here!